Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hi...its been 2 years

Hello and thank you if you're still listening. I put this up to tell you I am making TWO new blogs. I will still have this one (for the memories) but will transfer the important posts over to one of the new one. That one will be for my personal stuff. The other will be my YouTube blog, which most of you probably won't read. But I will have links to both of them anyway. Thanks, and see you there!

My blog: Mark's Teenage Years
YouTube blog: Coming Soon! (Sorry it will be like two weeks!)

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Surprise!!! I made a book yesterday and I finished the first chapter. Here it is:

   The Teenage Life
This caption is not in the real book. I put it here to tell you that there should be a picture here but it won't show up.


                                           For starters

For starters, I’m thirteen. So don’t go expecting big descriptions about anything. My name is Marc Leeker. I have decided to start this story on a Thursday. It’s nine o’ clock. I just woke up. School starts next week and I’m trying to get some sleep before school starts again. Morning is just fine until, “Marc!” Mom calls. “Get down here right now!”
“Coming.” Comes the response.
 So I get dressed and head downstairs.
“There you are. I’m leaving now. I need to go get some things from the store. Watch the little ones while I’m gone.” Mom says.
Whoa, whoa, and let me say, whoa. Backtrack. Little ones. I forgot to mention them.  Okay. Let’s pull you up to date. I’m going to tell you about the kids in my family before continuing.
First, Me. I won’t explain about me because you’ll learn about me along the way. I have hazel eyes, and black hair.
Elizabeth: Calm, responsible, eager, quiet, smart, protective, loving, productive, lot of attitude, that’s her. You just can’t seem to find a lot wrong with her. She has hazel eyes, black hair, and is almost twelve.
Rick: Creative, fluttery, emotional, and you better run. That is not a good mix. He has blue-green eyes, dark brown hair, and is eleven.
Jack: Playful, kind, and caring. He has green eyes, brown hair, and is eight.
Bob: Sensitive, likes to play, and loud. He has green eyes,
brown-black hair, and is almost six.
Kalee: Playful, loud, hungry, and easily annoyed. She has hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and is five.
Now, back to the story.
“Okay.” I respond.
“I’ll be right back.” Mom says. “Thank you!”
And she leaves. Then I party. Sadly, not really. Instead I would play my 3DS or something. Pok√©mon Heart Gold was the thing I liked right now. Mom would usually be back in an hour. This is how the summer usually went. But on the Friday before school starts, we go shopping with her. This is how a school shopping goes: We head for Wal-Mart, and we each get about sixty bucks for school supplies. Then Mom sends us of to get stuff while she watches the six and five year olds. Then we spread out and look at school supplies. (Or our favorite sections of the store, mine is the electronics and books). We would all get a list of what we needed for the school year, and buy it. Then, if we had extra money, we could get something for ourselves. This year I had coupons, and got pencils, pens, lined paper, printer paper, colored pencils, ruler, tape, double sided tape, a tape measure, paper cutter, and some chemistry bottles for fifty-one dollars. Nine dollars for me! I decided to save the money.  
Back to school! It was family tradition to have cake before the school year started again. This year we had a big five layer cake! It was huge and square with white and red icing with a big ‘Happy school year!’ on it. I spent all night eating cake and looking at a map of the school so I would know where everything is, as if I had always been there. That way, I won’t be late for anything and never get detention. Great plan, right? Well clearly I didn’t know about a certain someone who would make my life miserable. There is always that kind of person at schools, right? Well, I may or may not have overlooked that little detail. Having been in a private school for all my school life, I didn't know about bullies. There weren’t any at the private schools I had been to. So how was I suppose to know what to do?                            

This chapter is about two-and-a-half pages long. See how much I can do alone? I sit down and do it. Anya and James don't want to sit and do it for that long. I did not put in the 'to...' someone thing. But I have one! Please tell me what you think!
Blog posts to come!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bye bye, tooth!

I lost a tooth! Now, I know this must sound kiddish, but I haven't blogged in a while. Also, I am happy to tell you Me, Anya, and James have almost finished the first chapter of our new book! :) So here are some pictures of my tooth.
(Mark is not to blame if this disgusts you at all. Thank you.)

My tooth
Comparison of my tooth and my finger

My picture showing from front view where it was
A side view so you can see the hole
So what do you think? I'll post the first chapter soon!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Calm down! I know what your thinking: "He already has two other books to write." Well, one of them, Twisted Magic, because I would post it on my blog, it would be stealing copyrights. Because I was going to use characters like Kirby, Mario, Harry Potter, Anakin Skywalker, Buzz Lightyear, etc. So I decided not to do it. As for Sam Strode, I am working on it. Now I know that I haven't been writing as much as I should have, but I've started writing again.(Also, later this week me, Anya, and James will be doing a lemonade stand. And we have a book club to plan.) So we've been busy. Now, about the new book. Two nights ago, I realized everything about the copyright problems I just told you about.
So, I decided I needed to think of an replacement book for you all to look forward to. Then I started talking to James when I said I'm not an Originator. Then I realized what I had said. "Originator!" I exclaimed. That was it! I then got my idea for this new book. The next night I started asking James what the new book should be called. Together, we thought of 'The Organization Rebellion Series. Now, I'm not going to go into detail of all that happened next, but we went to Anya and started asking her about it and we all were thinking of stuff, and I was giving them my funny metaphors and then we thought of all the basic details and, using Anya's great memory, remembered everything we decided on the nigh before and wrote it down. We would have done so last night, but it was 9:43 when we were done. So yeah. We are working on it this morning and it going great. I'll post the first chapter when it's done. Adios! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm a girl

I'm a GIRL! It might sound weird, but I found out today that I'm on the Valiant 11-12 girl roster. Something was messed up. Than I thought about it and felt like it was funny, weird, and embarrassing at the same time. So the teacher of the girls, Elizabeth Goodman (I know that because my teacher is her dad so He talks about her, tells stores about her and she talks to us and tells us how to make her dad laugh like a school girl, NOT because I like her) came in and told us that me and Elijah were on the girls list and (jokingly) asked if we wanted to go to the girls class. We said:"uhhh...." and than she said she would be right back with our girl names. She came back 2 minutes later and said:"Mark, your name is now Marseia,(pronounced Mar-Se-A) and Elijah, your name is Eliza. Than the other girls came in and Clayton (another friend) whispered to me:"How about we just invite the rest of them in for class?" Than they said bye and left.Than we turned the other boys names into girl names. And since Nathan (another friend) was teaching, instead of calling him 'Nathan', or 'Brother Beckstead', we called him 'Natalie', or Sister Beckstead'.We all cracked up. Than we turned Clayton into 'Claire',  Joe into 'Jessica', and Colton into 'Carry'. Than when I told everyone else about this, we made names for everyone else. David into Danielle, Karen into Keven, Anya into Andy, James into Jamie, Peter into Boo, (Eliza made that up) Luke into Lily, and Eliza into Ethan. It was a pretty educational Sunday after all.     

Friday, December 23, 2011

M&J's head's 20 second break

I know it's been a long time since I blogged, but hey! We just moved. So here's a little video. 
Sorry about the color, something wasn't right. I'm pretty sure that it was just the light in the room. More coming soon!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My book (Chapters 7, 8, 9, and the conclusion)

Here are the last chapters.

Fight! Good-bye Yes! Conclusion

They were at the palace. The guards had arrows. "Eas-" said someone in the crowd. They're body exploded. "Crud." Cindy said. "Go, go, go!" Jack yelled. They ran into the palace. They're chances of getting to the King were 300-to-150. Not good. "Charge!" Jack's dad shouted.

Cindy was looking for help. She was outnumbered. Jack was locked in combat with 2 enemys. George was trapped in between 5 enemys. Jack's dad 3 enemys. Everyone was too busy to help her. She thought 'I can't fight off eight of them! I don't have anything to throw at them!' Than, out of nowhere, Cindy's mom said "Hiiiii-YA!" The eight of them were gone. "Go mom!" Cindy said as her mom went to attack more aliens. Brother Boredom was saying to the aliens "You have NO HISTORY!" long enough to get them killed. Mr. I'm a believer was knocking aliens out with drumsticks. Grandpa Josh was running in circles uselessly. Grandma Ellen was knocking aliens out with her cane. Mr.Fist was shouting the aliens dead. Mr.Mystery was moving so fast you could only see a blur. Everyone else was using guns. Finally, the last aliens surrendered. "Let's go get that King." Jack said quietly. They walked into the throne room. "Give it up King Whack-a-mole!" Jack shouted. "Yeah, right. Guards!" said King Whack-a-mole. No one came. "Oh, holy kingdoms." King Whack-a-mole muttered. BOOM!!! An explosion. The left over Aliens died. At least 70 people died. And King Whack-a-mole escaped.


Back at home, "He's a lone solder, Jack. Jack's dad said. "He doesn't have anyone too make a new race with." "Your right dad. Jack said, hugging his dad. "Let's go down to those burials.

Grandpa Josh & another 76 people had died. There were only 279 people left in the area. The next two days were devoted to funerals. When school was back in session, it was a glum place and a glum week for everyone. Eventually, things came round. Everyone was back to they're old selves. Grandma Ellen went hermit. Mr. Fist lost his voice. 'phew!' The kids said. 23 people went to the hospital. "We'll all be happy when these tragedies are over." Jack said.


Everyone was called to the basketball court. "Good afternoon! Jack said into the microphone. We have destroyed the portal! The aliens are gone! There are no more chances for invasion! A ripple of noise went though the crowd. "We are safe! We lost some people on the way, but we have thanked them for they're service! We can go back to normal life now. Thank you!" The crowd clapped. Life was back to normal.

Everything is back to normal for the kids. Soon they'll forget this entirely. Thank you for reading this book. Write you own books!

And that, is my first book.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our camping trip & a new book

First I'll talk about the camping trip. As my parent's have already Blogged, There's not much to say. However, I CAN say that we four kids(I'm including Peter) Built a really cool sand castle. Here's what it looked like:
                                                      And here's what it looked like up close:

See the tower's on the side and the flag right by me? It was cool how I got it to stay. The wind made it flap like a REAL castle. The crab was cool too.

The new book is a series called 'The Sam Strode Series'. The first book is called 'Technology City'. Coming soon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Washington D.C trip

This is the best trip IN MY LIFE!!! I loved the Air and Space Museum! It was my favorite of them ALL!!! First we went to the Natural History Museum.  

This is the Sapphire, My birthstone. I just wanted to have a picture with it because it looked cool.
Then Mom told me that it was my birthstone! 
If you have heard of the new movie Tron:Legacy then you would probably recognize this.
It looks just like Tron's world!
This is all of us kids with the Spirit of St. Louis. 
This is the entire family RIGHT BY the Washington Monument  on the 14th.
This is me in the WW2 memorial by the one with the state name Idaho on it. 
If you have not been by it, you should.
I proudly present...Naked Mole-rats!!! They were cute and ugly at the same time. And funny, got to remember the funniness. They look just like Rufus. (from Kim Possible)
I took this one myself. Dad let me.
Here's me and famous Thomas Jefferson. (That's the street we live on, Jefferson Dr!)

And that's our trip to D.C.

Here's the rest

Here is the rest of the chapter. Sorry...I only added five sentences. I'm going to put the first part of the chapter so that it makes sense.

Fight! Chapter 6

Blaster fire rippled the ground. "Get your weapons out!" Jack yelled. Jack Pulled out a Warhawk Missile (Custom made) and blasted an alien ship out of the sky. "I thought I told you to take that away from Him!" King Whack-a-mole shouted at His prison guard while He watched the fight on His TV. "But..." "No buts!" King Whack-a-mole said as He blasted the guard to pieces.

Cindy, George, and Cindy's mom all have weapons that cannot be removed. (Here's what I added) Cindy uses Her mind and anything that can hurt people. George uses His body. And last of all, Cindy's mom (I recently decided to call Her Linda) uses Her mind only.

It'll be a while before I blog another chapter.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My book (Chapter 6)

Sorry again. Here's what I promised.(At least it's something!)


Blaster fire rippled the ground. "Get your weapons out!" Jack yelled. Jack Pulled out a Warhawk Missile (Custom made) and blasted an alien ship out of the sky. "I thought I told you to take that away from Him!" King Whack-a-mole shouted at His prison guard while He watched the fight on His TV. "But..." "No buts!" King Whack-a-mole said as He blasted the guard to pieces.

Cindy, George, and Cindy's mom all have weapons that cannot be removed.

That's all I have right now.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello everyone and I am SORRY because I have not been working on either of my books. I have been doing other things and have not had time(or at least in my opinion,not like my mom's)to work on it. I promise that I will have something by the 1st of may.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My book (Chapter 5...And a very small sneak peak)

Here is the last chapter I have right now.


"Oh great. Cindy said. What will we do now? We're in prison." "Sweet!" George said. "What?" Me and Cindy asked. "I found out where all the people went." "Where?" We asked. "In this dungeon!" "WHAT?!?!?" We cried. "And guess what else? The year is even MORE ridicules. It's the year 38!" "Hey boys,guess what I can do!" Cindy said. The boys looked. The guard flew up. "HEY!" The guard yelled. He fell down, unconscious. "Get the key!" I yelled. "Roger!" Cindy said. She got the key and unlocked the door. "Boo-ya!" George said.

Meanwhile, Thump. It came from below. "Mickey!" King Whack-a-mole yelled."Sir?" Mickey asked. "Go find out what that thump was." King Whack-a-mole commanded. "OK, sir." Mickey said. Mickey left the room.

Where are they? Mom wondered. Worried. Scared. That's how she felt right now. "I found a note!" Jack's dad yelled. "What does it say?" Mom asked. "It says, You guys teach me to be honest?'s the truth. I'm in the alien world with Cindy and George. We knew you guys might die, we might to. Love, Jack. "Oh-no!" Mom whispered. She fainted. "Oh, crud." Dad said. He put her on the couch. "What do they teach kids in these schools?" He muttered.

Back in the alien world, "I hate snow!" King Whack-a-mole shouted. The reason he hated snow was that it turned aliens into icicles and then they had to wait for the snow to melt. Humans don't. "Air Conditioning Troops! King Whack-a-mole yelled. Get those humans!"

Meanwhile, "Everybody, listen up! Jack's dad shouted. My son and his two friends are in this alien world, and I need people that can FIGHT!!! So who's with me?" "Me!" "Me!" "Me!" "Good. Let's go fight! Jack's dad yelled. Everyone followed him. Charge!" They went though the portal. Then they ran into the kids.

"Look out! Jack yelled. The aliens!"

Here is the surprise. The name of my new book is Twisted Magic. The first chapter is called Confusion. That's all I have because I had to write this chapter.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My book (Chapter 4...And a surprise)

Sorry I missed last week. By the time I remembered, it was bedtime. So I have a surprise. First, here is the chapter.

The trick

The next day they were at Jack's house. "Costumes!" I shouted. "I'm going to give a speech! Cindy said. If I don't see light from the portal, then I want the earth to tell my parents. Believe me, the earth will know when to tell." Cindy finished. George clapped. He looked at me and counted silently,1,2,3,4,5. "George!!!" I shouted. "I knew it!" He said happily. "Well...let's go." I said. We all stepped through the portal. "Wow." "Wow." Remember this:Aliens can see into the future and see through things. Because they instantly closed the portal and took us into custody. They took us to the castle and wow do they do good with buildings. They walked us into the throne room. That king must have human zombies because he had a Xbox 360. Then He talked to us. "Hello. He said with a evil grin. My name is King Whack-a-Mole."

There. I only have ONE MORE CHAPTER BEFORE I RUN OUT!!! I'm going to have to write, and fast!

OK. I have got to cool it. Here's the surprise:A new book!!! It's going to be a mix of things like Fablehaven,superheros,Toy story,Greek gods,Roman gods, Egyptian gods, Medieval times,and a lot more! it's going to be great! All I have right now is that it's going to be a series. Let's see... I will have it by 4/3/2011. Later.      

Monday, February 28, 2011

My book (Chapter 3)

Sorry, I meant for 2/27/2011. Got My days mixed up. (so you all know, I go by Sundays and if I miss one then I must have not gotten around to it or was sick or was on vacation.)
Here's the next chapter of my book.

(So you know, now I put the chapter title title blog post.)

At Middle Reach High School, Jack Warhead was asleep, again. It was the end of History and who was teaching but Brother Boredom. His best friend, George Runaway was trying to wake Me up. And succeeded."Whaat?" I yawned. I looked around."Oh, Crap." I said. "I hate to say it, but you have detention for a week, Mr.Warhead." Brother Boredom said. "But Sir, I have after school activities!" Jack complained. George kept quiet. " I have never heard of these "after school activities" before, but I plan to find out if these is not another of your excuses for getting out of detention." Brother Boredom said with a look and left the room. "wow, that was close" Jack said. "Of course it was , it always is! You need to stop doing that!" George shouted. "Calm down. I said. "I need a plan" I whispered quietly to myself. "What?" George asked. "Something I learned about at home" I said. "What?" George asked? "Well, my parents showed me this telaporter and they might die so I'm going to help them". I said "We should get Cindy." George said. "Right. Cindy,over here! I shouted. We all sat down at a lunch table. "So..."

"You what?!?!" Cindy cried. "I have to, my parents could die!" I cried back. "Okey guys, calm down." George said simply. "Tomorrow we'll meet up at my place, okey?" I said. "Okey." They said. "Good." I said. "See ya."

The Next day at 4:00, " Okey, do you guys remember the situation?" I asked. "Yep." They said. "Good, now, did either of you think of anything?" I asked. They shook their heads no. "well, I did! So here's the plan: first, we need costumes like the aliens. Then, we go to their world and trick them, destroy their world, get home and it's over!" I said. "No plan is perfect." Cindy said. "I think it's awesome!" George said. "Dinner!" Mom said. "Be right there!" I shouted. "Don't say a word about this to my parents." I said. "Okey." they said. The next day, they went to the costume shop and got some alien costumes. "Good. I said. the plan is going perfectly." "It won't much longer." Cindy muttered again. "Oh, come on, don't be such a party pooper." George said. I gave him a look. "Okey, George said. sorry." "Next on the list is the movie." I said. "What movie?" George asked. "You'll see."

2 Hours later, "Wow." George said. "Well, I said. see you guys tomorrow." "Bye." They said.

At school the next day, sitting at the lunch table, "Okey, we need to go to the alien world today. It's the next thing to do." I said. "WHAT??? no, no, no, and may I say, NO! I will not! Cindy shouted. "Shhhh...." I said. "I'll keep quiet." George said smartly. "Good idea. I said. now, let's go to my house." "Fine." Cindy said. "Okay." George said. Little did they know what was ahead of them.

Any questions why I put I instead of he, contact me. Next to come 3/6/2011. I mean it!    

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My book (Chapter 2) is one of my "posts to come".Here goes.

The chapter title says it all.We have a problem.We need help.A lot of help.What we are facing is death Himself.People are dieing.We are going to send in three kids, Jack Warhead, Cindy Candy, and George Runaway.The most talented kids in New York.The Army can't stop them.The Government can't either.We can't think of anything else.A roller coaster full of screaming people go's in and no one, no one, comes out.If the kids can't stop them, then no one can.We will lose our freedom, our hopes, our dreams, to these aliens.We will win! We will win!!! And now for the real story.Fight!

 Next one will be here 3/6/2011.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My book

I doubt any of you know I'm making a book.It's called: The world of mystery.(by Mark Christensen) In this post and some posts to come i will write about my book.In this post just going to write the first chapter.It's called The story.

Once upon a time,there was a planet called Earth.Cavemen and dinosaurs ruled.Then one day,BOOM!!!!!! a volcano blew up.Dinosaurs died.Then out of nowhere,something appeared.An alien! the alien made a telaporter.The telaporter brought Him to a strange place.Another world! He quickly made Himself king.His name was King Whack-a-mole.While His alien army went and attacked the enemy,He sat on His throne playing His Xbox 360.Over time,trains and roller coasters came in and the people died.That was how it was until three people came along and those people's names were:Jack warhead,Cindy Candy, and George runaway.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My runaway scheme

Your laughing aren't you? Well...prepare to laugh harder.Okay...last night i was in my mom's room and i thought that she didn't know i was hiding.So i listened to her talking to Anya.Mom started saying stuff and what she said hurt my feelings so i snuck out of the room and played one round of operation when i was called to prayer.I went in but hid behind the vacuum.Then we were put to bed.I went into the cubby that the suitcases were in(We're not allowed in that one!).I got out the my dark blue one and put it in my room.and when mom came in she said she was ignoring it.then,when she turned off my light i got out of bed and opened the suitcase.Then i opened my top drawer and got out my tie,belt,all of my socks,one undershirt,and all of my underwear and packed it nicely in the suitcase.Then i got my 4 best pairs of pants and put those in nicely too.THEN i went and got my Sunday shirt and 6 other shirts.I got buzz and woody because if i left them Luke would probley break them.And i got my October and November boys life magazines and my "how to be totally miserable" book by john bytheway.I also got my favorite flags,Idaho,Missouri,America,Utah,Denmark,Venezuela, and Switzerland.The last thing i got was the book aunt laurel gave me called"even the prophet was a decken" which i was reading.Then i remembered that we had a party on Saturday,than i had a date with dad,then November 11th,then Christmas, and i went all the way to next Halloween.and i said to mom "there's no where to have a little adventure."So i went to unpack and i put it all away nicely and went to bed and fell asleep.Laugh any harder yet?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our games and my citizenship beltloop

Theirs a game that The three amigos(that's what me,Anya,and James call ourselves)made up this game called Sharks.The more movies we see,the more versions their are.So far we have Fish and sharks,Ghosts VS. ghosts,Transformers, Twilight, Pirates, and Superman VS. tempes(you have to see the series of superman when my mom was a teen).This is how to play: 1.whatever version your playing,you have to throw things that go with the version your playing. 2.You can only throw things at the people in back of you. 3.You can't make up characters. 4.Bonus's can only be bus's,trucks and things like that. Now....the other thing. For my belt loop, I had to write some of the things my parents do around the house. I should have known there was a catch. I had to do three of those things to earn the beltloop.And the three I choose were: Take out the trash(once), put people to bed ,and TAKE CARE OF THE BABY for a week.She really likes it.Eliza does whatever I say. I say: "Hold on!!" and she does it. It is nice. I've done really well. Even when I feed her she does it really well. She doesn't spit at me. She ALWAYS spits at mom. ALWAYS. Fun,fun.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I had lots of fun at the Outer Banks. We looked at crabs, went to the ocean,(OF COURSE!!!!!)we climbed a lighthouse, and LOTS of other things. And I had a experience. so...about THREE or MORE times i was siting by the ocean with Kyle and sometimes not I would be like: uh? wham! A wave would hit me I would be in the air in the middle of the wave and hit the sand hard walk away from the ocean for a minute and then go back to the ocean. I also found some shells that looked like mini surfboards and in the pool my mom brought a dolphin toy thing that dumped into the pool and went on top of my head so that I couldn't get out of the water. I went up and down three times(is that my unlucky number???). No pics,sorry.We also had satellight(yha!).We also had a pool table and me and kyle played a lot of it. That's all. Strange,i can't remember it all. hmmmmm........

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My first post

I can't belive it! I have my own blog! there will be posts soon.